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Heat exchangers made of stainless steel from Viesel

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Our heat exchangers are applied in various branches of industries, e.g. exhaust gas technology/condensing, cleaning industry, food processing and beverage industry.

Possible areas of application for heat exchangers:

  • Use of waste heat
  • Heating of the output medium
  • Cooling of the output medium
  • Precise tempering of the output medium
  • Steam condensation
  • Steam generation

The advantages of U-tube bundle heat exchangers lie in their compact design and are therefore very efficient. Heat stress can be compensated by the U-shape.

U-tube heat exchangers

The straight tube bundle heat exchanger can be found wherever viscous or contaminated media are used or where a fast heat transfer without pressure loss is necessary.

Straight tube heat exchangers

In the area of temperature control technology, pure steam generation and saturated steam generation, heat exchangers from Viesel are characterised by customised and particularly durable solutions using the counterflow principle.

Vaporiser / condenser