Stainless steel heat exchangers from Viesel

Viesel stainless steel heat exchangers

Sector and application examples

We have been developing and building heat exchangers for customers throughout Germany for over 40 years. As a result of our extensive experience over many years in different branches of industry, we develop solutions with an optimum design and construction.

Some sector and application examples are listed below. In principle each available type of heat can be used – as we are specialised in the special manufacturer of heat exchangers, please contact us if your project requirement is not listed here.

  • Exhaust gas technology/condensing boiler technology:
    Flue gas cooling and cleaning, heat recovery

  • Use of waste water:
    Heat transfer systems

  • Combined heat and power plants:
    Condensing boiler technology, heat recovery from exhaust gases

  • Beverages and food processing industry
    Temperature control, cooling systems, steam generation, cleaning plants

  • Heating technology:
    Water heating, system separations

  • Ventilation equipment:
    Heat transfer systems, air cooling, exhaust air cooling

  • Metal processing:
    Cleaning machines, temperature control devices, heat recovery from exhaust gases

  • Paper industry:
    Heat transfer stations

  • Cleaning machines, water technology:
    Water heating, circulation separation, cooling, steam generation

  • Sanitary technology:
    Temperature control in heating and cooling technology

  • Swimming pool technology:
    Water treatment, water heating

  • Solar systems:
    Heat exchange

  • Public utilities:

    Transmission stations of district heating systems, water supplies, heat recovery for sewage plants.

  • Temperature control technology:
    Absorption and release of incidental heat

Our stainless steel heat exchangers can also be found in different branches of industry for various applications areas and media. Contact us about where the use of heat exchangers is useful for you.